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The Darkeinu curriculum was founded in 2010 thanks to the support from the Or Avner educational network and the Leviev Fund as the first educational curriculum for teaching Jewish heritage subjects in Jewish educational institutions of the former Soviet Union.

The Darkeinu curriculum is developed by a team of highly qualified educators and pedagogues, who specialize in teaching Jewish tradition at educational institutions in Israel and the former USSR. Textbooks, learning materials and educational techniques are being constantly revised and updated, while the project expands in geographic scope and educational programs depth.

The Darkeinu curriculum is successfully implemented in over 200 Jewish educational institutions of different networks, such as Or Avner, Shema Yisrael and ORT systems. Darkeinu is taught in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Latvia and Georgia.

Darkeinu project educators and specialists are in continuous touch throughout the year with the educational institutions that use the curriculum. Automated communication processes and integrated modern technologies enable Darkeinu mentors, teachers and directors to easily interact, oversee the educational process, conduct reviews and tests, provide for skills development.

Darkeinu’s main partner is the Or Avner educational network. Its general partners are the Federation of Jewish Communities of the FSU and the Leviev Fund.


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