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About Darkeinu

Darkeinu means “our way” in Hebrew. Darkeinu educational curriculum is a unique medium leading children through Jewish history, ethics, tradition and texts, and familiarizing them with prominent Jewish thinkers.

For the first time ever a complex educational system for teaching Jewish heritage disciplines was created in the Russian language for Jewish schools and kindergartens in countries of the former Soviet Union. It takes into account cognitive abilities of each age group and also the specifics of the mentality of Russian-speaking youth. The Darkeinu curriculum makes a huge layer of information about Jewish thought and culture accessible to students of any age, while employing the latest educational methods.

The Darkeinu curriculum was founded in 2010 thanks to the support from the Or Avner educational network and the Leviev Fund. it is lead by a team of highly qualified educators and pedagogues, who specialize in teaching Jewish tradition at educational institutions in Israel and the former USSR.

Darkeinu educators aim to not only teach students the basics of Jewish heritage subjects but instill love and respect for the sacred texts, history and and traditions of the Jewish people during a formative time in the students’ lives. An important objective for Darkeinu educators is the extensive support for the teachers during the curriculum’s implementation, their professional support and continuous skills-mastering. With this objective in mind the School of Continuous Pedagogical Education was established.

The Darkeinu curriculum includes in-class and homework assignments, after-school lessons, special lessons for kindergartens, informal education, on-line activities for Jewish holidays, on-line webinars and the annual “Darkeinu Olympics” contest on Jewish knowledge.

Darkeinu educators have developed and published over 100 unique textbooks and learning materials for students from 1st to 11th grade, enticing work-books and visual aids, interactive learning materials for kindergartens, games for all age levels and teacher manuals.

The Darkeinu curriculum is successfully implemented in over 130 Jewish educational institutions of different networks, such as Or Avner, Shema Yisrael and ORT systems and in 80 kindergartens. Darkeinu is taught in Russia, Ukraine Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Latvia and Georgia. The project’s geographical presence in constantly expanding.

Important elements of the Darkeinu project are automatization of management processes and communications with educational institutions, integration of on-line services for teachers, students and their parents and the use of other modern technologies.

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